Merson predicts Manchester United’s home game against Fulham

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Paul Merson predicts the outcome of the Premier League match between Manchester United, who will face Fulham at home this weekend.

Merson predicts Manchester United's home game against Fulham

Paul Merson, the famous guru on Sky Sports, has come out to predict the outcome of the Premier League match between a team in hot form like Manchester United, who will meet Fulham at home this weekend.

“It looks like Manchester United will always win this time. They are not a better team than Aston Villa, but they can win. In the game against Luton, the home team was better. But at a certain point I don’t remember Onana making a single save or not.”

“ManU will score another goal and Fulham will need one too. If they want to get the results they want, Manchester United now have 3 attacking lines that are perfect. And they have performed consistently for Ten Hag as well.”

“I like Rasmus Hojlund and I think he can be a superstar. He had an injury when he first came here, but now you can see he’s fit and settled in. He’s only 21 years old and he’s performing well for United.

“Fulham collected only 7 points from playing away from home. And also bad form playing as a tiger team. I think Manchester United will win in this ufabet game. and gives them a chance to make the top 4.”

Merson predicts the score: Manchester United 3-0 Fulham.