How to play pokdeng teaching handshake edition

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his article I think you must know a card game called PokDeng , of course, even if you’ve never played it, at least you must have heard its name. Because it is a basic card that is played from the cards near the house to online casino And today I’m going to take you to see how Pokdeng plays. How do you pay? so that you can understand before actually playing

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What is pokdeng?

Pokdeng is another card game that uses only 1 deck of cards to play. With easy to play, fast paced games, no complicated strategies required. There is only a dealer and a player. Whichever side gets more card points will win, making Pok Deng a UFABET card that is very popular among gamblers of all levels. then now online casino Many places also have poker bounce to play with the category of live casinos. The rules apply are the same. Therefore, there is no need to go out and take risks outside the home, you can enjoy betting.

How to count card points

counting points for poker bounce There will be counting methods as follows.

  • All suited A cards have a value of 1 point.
  • Face cards number 2 – 10, every suit will have points equal to the face card number.
  • Three western cards (J, Q and K), all suits have a value of 10 points.