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How to choose a healthy New Year's gift basket

How to choose a healthy New Year’s gift basket

Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Invite to give health baskets emphasizing organic vegetables, colorful fruits, rice or processed products from fruits and vegetables that are hygienic as New Year’s gifts. Create good health for the new year Dr. Wachira Pengchan, Director-General of the Department of

5 ways to eat durian to be safe for your health

5 ways to eat durian to be safe for your health

Every time I have a durian face People are sick because of durian all the time. So how can we enjoy durian safely and avoid various diseases? Dr. Pornfah Anantpaisan, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor at the Thai Traditional and Integrative Medicine Center. Center of

Cause of birth "Violent behavior"

Cause of birth “Violent behavior”

violent behavior Expressing aggression such as insults, insults, and physical harm. including crimes It may not always be a psychiatric symptom. It depends on the severity of the individual’s behavior. Many aspects must be considered together. However, some types of violent behavior can also be